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As part of DiaUnion, Steno Diabetes Center is now starting screening for type 1 diabetes in Denmark

πŸ‘‰ “I have high expectations”, says professor, senior physician, MD. Flemming Pociot (pictured) about the screening program for type 1 diabetes, which has just started at Steno and which he is in charge of.

βœ” First-degree relatives of people with type 1 diabetes are offered screening to see if they have autoantibodies against the insulin-producing beta cells.

βœ” Flemming Pociot expects that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) will soon approve the use of Teplizumab. The drug, which can postpone type 1 diabetes for two to five years, was approved by the US authorities (FDA) last November.

βœ” Persons at risk will possibly be offered vaccination against e.g. coxsackievirus, which is known to be important for the development of type 1 diabetes, assesses Flemming Pociot.

πŸ‘ “However, it is important to say that you do not necessarily develop type 1 diabetes, even if you have antibodies”, he emphasizes.

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