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About Us

DiaUnion is a center of excellence in research into type 1 diabetes and related autoimmune diseases

In Medicon Valley, the Danish/Swedish life-science cluster in the Øresund region, there are strong and internationally recognized competencies within screening, genetics and immunology in type 1 diabetes as well as related autoimmune diseases.

DiaUnion was created in 2020 to bring these competencies together in a center of excellence with the aim of researching the development of therapies for the prevention and intervention of type 1 diabetes and related autoimmune diseases. This will reduce the burden on patients and at the same time the cost to society.

  • Daniel Agardh, Principal Investigator, Adjunct Professor, MD
  • Åke Lernmark, Co-Investigator, Senior Professor
  • Markus Lundgren, Co-Investigator, Chief Physician, DMSc
  • Johan Svensson, Co-Investigator, Chief Physician, DMSc
  • Alexander Lind, Postdoc, PhD
  • Maria Scherman, MD, PhD Student
  • Flemming Pociot, Principal Investigator, Professor, Research Leader, DMSc
  • Jesper Johannesen, Co-Investigator, Professor, Chief Physician, DMSc
  • Julie Christine Antvorskov, Assistant professor, PhD
  • Julie Hviid Klæbel, Postdoc, PhD
  • Finn Stensbjerg Kristensen, Program Director, DiaUnion, B.Sc., MBA