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Usher Opens Up About Co-Parenting While Raising Child with Type 1 Diabetes: ‘It Is Very Complicated’

So cool to see USHER go in front for awareness about type 1 diabetes in connection with the Superbowl! AND set focus on an extremely important subject, early detection of T1D. Screening for T1D prepares people at risk for the diagnosis, drastically reducing the risk for life-threatening DKA and providing better long-term outcomes. Most importantly, new drugs have the potential to delay the T1D diagnosis for years. One of them – Tzield – has already received FDA approval and will, hopefully, be available outside the US as well in the very near future.

USHER, by the way, was not the only one connected to T1D performing at the Superbowl. Huge respect to Chiefs’ Noah Gray who is managing T1D as he lives out NFL dream!