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DiaUnion PIs Daniel Agardh, Flemming Pociot and co-investigator Markus Lundgren presented at ISPAD

With several preventive drugs on the way, teplizumab already approved in the US, and pre-stage 1 type 1 diabetes on the agenda to receive ICD-10 code, the time is NOW for screening in type 1 diabetes.

At ISPAD in Rotterdam, PIs Daniel Agardh, Flemming Pociot and co-investigator Markus Lundgren joined panels and presented the results and visions for DiaUnion.

DiaUnion’s ambition is to create a model for screening that can be adopted by the public health system, thus it has to be highly cost-efficient as well as ethically and publicly acceptable.

Important tools for this is to screen for two related autoimmune diseases (celiac disease and autoimmune thyroiditis) in addition to type 1 diabetes, which can be done at basically the same cost using novel (ADAP) multiplex assays, together with a high degree of lab automation.