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Last week at Medicon Valley Alliance DiaUnion held its Screening for Type 1 Diabetes symposium

We had exciting talks about type 1 diabetes, screening, prevention and health economics, as well as learning about the background, the results so far and the future ambitions of DiaUnion. All supported by expert panels joined by people living with T1D, researchers, patient organizations and industry.

Key take-aways included:

– For the first time since the invention of insulin more than 100 years ago, new treatments of T1D may be in the horizon.

– Novel therapies that delay the clinical onset of T1D are under development, one of them, already approved by FDA in the US, delays clinical onset by more than 2 years on average.

– Lack of screening programs constitute a bottleneck in identifying individuals at risk for T1D.

– DiaUnion is establishing a large scale screening program with the ambition to offer screening to all as part of the public health services.

Thanks to:
Anette Steenberg
Daniel Agardh
Elin Cederbrant
Flemming Pociot
Jesper Johannesen
Kristian Handberg Mikkelsen
Manuela Battaglia
Sofie Persson
Sophie Hindkjær
Stephan Bouman
Tanja Thybo
Tine Filges
Åke Lernmark