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Video released of the debate on screening for type 1 diabetes at the Folkemødet

Type 1 diabetes is one of the most prevalent chronic diseases. The disease places a lifelong burden on the patient and the immediate family and triggers significant societal costs.

Preventive and curative therapies under development require detection of individuals at risk of developing type 1 diabetes through screening for biomarkers. Establishing screening programs is a critical task and currently constitutes a bottleneck for the identification of persons at risk and thus also for the development of new therapies.

A major reason why screening for type 1 diabetes is not yet common is the ethical issue of screening for a disease that cannot be cured. But with the advent of drugs that can delay the diagnosis, the case may be different? This debate was taken between representatives of patients, ethicists, researchers, politicians and industry on the Folkemødet – a major Danish annual political festival – on June 15, 2023.

Many thanks to the speaker, moderator, panel and audience:

Jesper Johannesen, professor, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen

Karen-Helene Hjort, News host, TV 2

Mayor of Health and Care, Københavns Kommune, Sisse Marie Welling
Professor of ethics, Thomas Søbirk Petersen
DiaLab (Dansk Erhverv) vice chairman Anders Ruskov
The Danish Diabetes Association, head of research Tanja Thybo
Type 1 Think tank for diabetes, chairwoman Tine Filges
Professor, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, Jesper Johannesen